Rick's Wooden Bowls

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Hello, I'm Rick Krasensky. Welcome to my online wood-shop where I feature the bowls I make by hand and lathe.

I work out of my Truckee, California wood shop creating beautiful, hand-crafted bowls, using a process called segmented turning.
I have been creating beautiful wooden art for almost 30 years and specialize in segmented bowls made from many exotic woods from around the world.

After graduation from Oswego State University, I moved to beautiful Truckee, California in 1979 and started building custom homes. Over time, I was asked more and more to do custom woodwork and it became my focus as well as my art. I now have a busy custom cabinet shop and produce custom furniture as well as bowls.

The bowls began as a family Christmas gift that has grown into a demanding craft for anyone wanting a unique and one of a kind wooden art gift. My efforts to always stretch my craft have led me to the growing demand for artwork segmented bowls.  I have also added vases, plates, cutting boards, bowls sets, clocks and many other items to my stock.

These works of art are food safe so people can enjoy using their unique piece in daily use. A perfect gift for that special someone or a special occasion. It is my passion to create works of art that can be enjoyed everyday for years. I appreciate the gift in doing what I love and those who admire it.

Wood in art forms...Vases and tissue boxes...enjoy your tour of what I enjoying making...

The Process...

Segmented turning is turning on a lathe where the initial workpiece is composed of multiple parts and types of woods. The the art is in combining several pieces of wood to create patterns and visual effects in turned projects. Segmented turning is also known as polychromatic turning (for those who really like big words!).